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Do you want to change the world for the better? Our programme will prepare you to become an international project and change manager who can make a difference.

When you graduate, you'll have the knowledge and skills needed to work with people from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds to change the world for the better. You'll know how to lead a project team and how to put innovative ideas into practice. You'll become a change maker, aware of your own strengths and ambitions, able to create sustainable value for society.
Global Project and Change Management is a four-year Bachelor's programme that combines theory and practice. You get to apply your knowledge straightaway by working in small groups with real clients such as businesses, local authorities and financial service providers. We'll challenge you to think critically and creatively. And we'll fire your ambition to change the world and to get the best out of yourself.

Working as a project and change manager

As an international project and change manager, you'll initiate, implement and manage (international) projects aimed at solving global challenges. That involves working in complex, multidisciplinary environments. For example, you might have to liaise between policy-makers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private businesses. Or you might need to set up your own social enterprise. You'll need knowledge of international business and economics, global challenges, project and change management and research. As well as acquiring knowledge, you'll need to develop skills such as communicating in different styles, managing diversity in teams, planning and budgeting, and change process leadership. Most important of all, you'll need to know and develop yourself as a person, build awareness of your strengths and shortcomings, your ambitions and your place in the world. Only then can you add value for others.

Expect more

We expect a lot of you as a student: the study load is about forty-six hours a week. So we require all our students to live in our student residence for the first year of the programme. You'll need to be passionate, open-minded, aware of global issues and highly motivated. But you'll get a lot in return: motivated fellow students, experienced lecturers from varied international backgrounds and scope to develop your own ambitions.

Professional career counselling

Throughout the programme we offer extensive, personalized career counselling. During the first year, we'll help you to study successfully, e.g. by providing workshops on time management and prioritizing. In the later years, we'll help you to develop a professional profile and market yourself. You'll compile a personal portfolio, which you can use to find internships and electives and, once you've graduated, to get the job you want or a place on a Master's programme.