Our personal approach begins even before you start your studies. We invite every applicant for an admission interview.

Entry requirements

Students for the Global Project and Change Management programme will be officially selected  in accordance with the obtainment of the ‘small scale and intensive label’ from the NVAO. This will be achieved through a holistic selection procedure to find out whether you would be the right kind of student for our learning community.

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The application process

To apply to Windesheim Honours College (WHC), first you have to register on Studielink, the Dutch national university registration system. When we get your details from Studielink, we'll let you know what to do next.

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Tuition fees

If you study with us, you may have to pay tuition fees. The size of the fees will depend on various factors, including your nationality.

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Other costs

Besides tuition fees, you will have other expenses as well, such as rent, the cost of books, living expenses and visa charges. We give you a list of other costst you might encounter.

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