My internship in Public Health in Canada

Studying at the Honours College also means getting to do two internship placements. In August I started my Internship.

Studying at the Honours College also means getting to do two internship placements. In August I started my Internship in an organization called the ‘Assault Care and Treatment Program’ located in the MenoYaWin Health Centre in Sioux Lookout, a small town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Now it is already October and time definitely flies, when you are having fun ;). Part of my internship is doing a research on social issues such as bullying, addiction, sexual violence, etc. in this region. For that I am doing online surveys with kids from four different schools and evaluate these to see what kind of future program is needed to educate them about these issues. Magda4

Working is very different than studying and sitting eight hours behind a desk, is something I needed to get used to in the first weeks. However part of this internship is of course not just sitting behind the desk, but also experiencing as much as possible of the organization and country you are in. The people I work with are really nice and let me participate in as many diverse meetings, fieldtrips, cultural events and workshops as possible, for me to gain many different viewpoints in the field. Sioux Lookout’s Health Centre is special; since it is not just serving people from the town but also from 23 different northern First Nation reserves, form which most of them are only accessible by plane or by ice road in the winter. This enables me not just to learn about the Canadian culture but also get a great impression on the Aboriginal culture. Starting and ending a workshop with drumming session and dances is nothing special for this hospital in this region. Next to work I enjoy the great nature: bears, moose and lakes and now (October) the snow in Canada.

Magda3Back to school: the classes at the Honours College definitely gave me a good preparation for my internship and a good base of information. I learned how to do conduct researches and gained knowledge on mental health and other public health issues, however actually being in the work field is a very different experience. The organization has its own ways of dealing with certain topic and I learn a lot of new ways to do things, but most of it refers back to what I have learned at the College and adds on to that information which is definitely helpful.

For anyone thinking of doing an Internship in Canada: This is the place to be! ;)

I am looking forward to Halloween, more snow and even more snow!

Best wishes!

Magdalena (3rd year Public Health student)