To be or not to be a Project Manager

Blog 22 february 2012

We have a new lecturer for the course Sustainable Project Management this year and he sure likes to challenge our skills!

His name is Hems Zwier and he has only one simple task for us: to create the Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Project Management. Over the past year-and-a-half we have learned a lot about project management and sustainability, but now that we have to put all of that knowledge into one perfect guide, we are starting to see that maybe all we have learned can simply not be put in one little guide. So instead we have decided to create an interactive guide on sustainable project management, using the internet, books, and even set up an official symposium for professionals.

The website, the pocket guide, and the symposium combined, will be the final product of our efforts in this course, but getting started on them was already a challenge. We have a class of ten people, which normally would be a good number for a project team. The problem is that we are all studying to become project managers and we would all like to be equally important if not in charge of the project. So instead of choosing one person to be in charge, we decided to divide the group into smaller groups that would work on the separate parts of the project. Together with Thorsten, another 2nd year student, I was put in charge of the website, which I’m very excited about.

Creating a website might seem quite simple at first, but when you look at it a bit closer there is a lot to be taken into account. You need to make sure the entire website is consistent in use of language, font, colors and style. Second to that everything has to coincide with the pocket guide and the symposium, to create a whole and coherent project.

I am very curious to see how it will all work out and I hope to learn a lot from this experience. For now my teammate and I will be focusing on creating the first version of the website and in a couple of weeks we will officially launch our website and find out what people think!
Adinda Mendel, 2nd year Communication & Media student